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We pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy, not only during the tuition but also after the students have taken any tests they were preparing to take. Below are some of the comments we have received from clients across all age ranges and subjects.


About Us

Athena Tuition is one of London’s finest home tutoring agencies, specialising in preparing domestic or international students for their exams. Based in Hampstead, London, we provide Private Tuition from our experienced London tutors in any major academic subject.

Whether you are looking for assistance in preparing for the 11 or 13 plus exams, GCSE and A level private tutoring, or even school selection and educational consultancy, Athena Tuition is there to support your needs.

In addition to academic tutoring, we offer qualified mental health support through our Athena Minds service.

Unlike other tuition agencies, we do not merely pride ourselves on having an excellent academic background. Our team members also have outstanding careers. Our team knows what it takes to get the good grades and, more importantly, we know how to position ourselves to maximise our potential opportunities.

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    How We Work

    Call or email Athena Tuition with your request and we use our wide network of experienced tutors to find a great match. When we have found the ideal tutor we put them in contact with you and lessons can begin with the tutor coming directly to your home, or for online tutoring depending on your convenience.


    On top of providing a tailored service for every one of our students, we also focus on changing a student’s perception of the subject. We understand that true success in anything requires building real interest and passion. Once the primary learning target has been met, we encourage the student to continue to explore the subject beyond the constraints of the syllabus and to develop an understanding of the subject applications and its wider relevance in the world.


    Athena Tuition also understands the need to treat each child or student uniquely. Even when we prepare students for specific, highly-specialised examinations like the 11+ or 13+, our tutors find innovative ways to support the students, and to inspire them to enjoy learning. Our tuition is tailored to the child, right from our youngest students, who are only just learning to read, to our oldest, who are studying in universities across the country.


    At Athena Tuition, we take a great deal of care matching tutors to students. Our directors interview all of our tutors one-to-one enabling us to know our tutors as individuals and make excellent matches. We also encourage tutors and students to meet one another online, if either party is uncertain about the other’s profile and needs. Once a match has been found, we stay in regular contact with you to ensure our tutors continue to teach inspiring, stimulating lessons. We keep in touch in ways that suit our parents and students – whether that be over the phone, by email, by text, or even WhatsApp.

    Our Tutors

    Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds, from actors to former independent school heads of department to accomplished graduates from a range of Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. We encourage our tutors to develop strong relationships with the families they work for, so they know the student, know the family’s expectations, and learn how to fit into the busy schedules of Athena families.


    We and our tutors meet regularly with schools and teachers to ensure that we understand the needs of a constantly changing curriculum and exam boards. We stay on top of the educational debate, and publish our thoughts on our blog, and on our Twitter account.


    For more information about our tutors, please click here.