11+ and 13+

11+ and 13+

Secondary admissions examinations at 11+ and 13+ are commonly the first major assessment that a child will come across. They are arguably one of the most important assessments, as the ethos and standard of a secondary school plays a significant role in the academic and social development of a child, as well as helping to determine the path they take beyond school.


The reputation of top-quality UK schools precedes them, and so they are highly competitive, drawing on an international applicant pool in the case of private schools.


Our 11+ and 13+ tutors are specialists in the admissions procedure.

We will strive to match your child with a tutor experienced with the admissions process of the desired schools to which he or she wishes to apply.

This is important in gaining a competitive advantage as, particularly with private schools, the admissions procedures are idiosyncratic, and specific to each school. The number of exams and their difficulty / syllabus content may vary, as may the nature of the interview (whether or not there is an academic component, the utilisation of props, etc.).

A specialist tutor who knows the format in absolute detail enables the learning process to be as efficient and as relevant as possible.


We cater for private school admissions and selective state school admissions, such as those in London, Kent and Buckinghamshire.


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