13+ (13 Plus)

13+ (13 Plus)

Secondary admissions examinations at 13+ are almost solely set by private boys schools in order to determine their Year 9 intake the following year. Private secondary admissions exams are often called ‘Common Entrance’.


The reputation of top-quality UK private schools precedes them, and so these admissions assessments are highly competitive, drawing on an international applicant pool.


It is important to note that a 13+ assessment pathway doesn’t necessarily have an assessment in Year 8, as many think. 13+ is perhaps the most nuanced secondary admissions procedure, with the precise formats varying from school to school.


Most schools will have an ISEB pre-test sat in Year 6, followed by some other school assessment. From this, unconditional or provisional/conditional offers can be issued, the latter of which would require another assessment round in Year 7 or 8. Many schools will have an interview as past of the process, and there is also the opportunity to opt into additional scholarship assessments, which are usually sat in Year 8. These can be academic or extra-curricular. Scholarships are awarded according to merit, and ‘bursary scholarships’ are means tested. offering very significant fee discounts (up to 100%).


Schools do offer more atypical admissions pathways for a small numbers of places, such as 14+ admissions, which is for entry into Year 10.


Having a tutor with the niche knowledge of the various school assessments can be particularly advantageous, as it enables the practice to be more honed in and representative of the assessment hurdles that your child will face.



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