Athena Tuition and Audiopi : Free Podcasts!

Athena Tuition and Audiopi
Our collaboration with Audiopi!

Here at Athena we’re proud to announce that we’ve begun working with Audiopi– an exciting new provider of learning podcasts- to provide their service to our tutors and students completely free!

Please email to get started using these podcasts for yourself or your students completely free!

Over to Audio Pi themselves to explain more about what they do:



So what is Audiopi? In a nutshell, we create high quality educational podcasts for GCSE and A-level students. All our material is written by top teachers, leading academics and chief examiners and are tailored to specific exam boards so students know they are listening to exactly what they need for their exams. Our mission is to inform, stimulate and inspire students and of course, boost their exam performance.

The Power of Audio: Supporting Students

Audio is a vital part of how we absorb and process information. Widespread research has shown that listening is a particularly crucial part of learning, and an effective means of improving knowledge retention*. This is because when you listen to something, rather than read or watch it, your brain has to work harder and invokes a more complex process mechanism: it has to digest the information and create it’s own images. As a result, the information is stored more deeply. Cool, huh?

To enforce this idea, each of our tutorials is packed with music, sound effects and original recordings to help reinforce the learning and engage students. They are delivered in easily digestible 10 minute lessons and this is all available on your smartphone, tablet or computer so students can listen whenever, wherever they choose.

Our podcasts are written by teachers, academics and examiners across a myriad of leading institutions.

* “Delivery of verbal (audio) information improves learning capacity.” (Mayer and Moreno 2003)

Supporting tutors

With one of our team coming from a tutoring background, we appreciate that tutors are extremely busy and so we want to help you with the load. Not only can our pods provide quick refreshers of the course content for tutors, but we’ve found that they act as a great support to the lessons and teaching already given by tutors:

  • Lesson preparation – Our podcasts are a quick and easy way for students to get up to speed with the course content. Giving them a pod before a lesson frees up more time for tutors to focus on essay technique and exam preparation.
  • Homework – We are a natural for setting homework. After a lesson students can listen to a pod and embed the knowledge they’ve just learned.
  • Revision – The breakdown of the content, set out in detail on the Audiopi platform, means students can quickly pin point what they need to refresh their memory. And all our modules offer exam guidance.


Working with Athena: Free Access to our Resources!

We’ve teamed up with Athena Tuition to offer our wealth of resources to you and your students completely free! We want to make a difference to the education process and help students achieve even more in their exams.
Have a listen to some of our taster resources using the links above. We welcome feedback and questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email for any queries or comments.

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