Agencies Working Together

Agencies Working Together

Agencies Working Together

Private tuition is a huge industry and one that is rapidly growing as parents seek to provide additional support to their children through private tutors. In research conducted by EdPlace, it was found that UK parents spend £6 billion every year on private tuition. In addition, with advances in technology, many tuition agencies are seeing growing demand from parents outside the UK for private tuition through an online learning platform.

Whether it’s out-of-town tuition centres or a tuition agency, there is no doubt that the number of providers of tuition has increased substantially over the past few years. With a fragmented market and new agencies popping up every day, it makes business sense for agencies to work together and collaborate.

The Law Tutors and Athena Tuition have been working together for a nearly a year and both agencies now have a strong working relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

With The Law Tutors being a completely specialised agency with a focus solely on law, there is often the need to refer work to another agency. Shiv Raja, Director of The Law Tutors, says:

“We are often asked by parents of a client we are tutoring about whether we can recommend tutors for non-law subjects. As our agency is completely specialised and focused solely on law, it means that we go out to our partners. We often refer work to Athena Tuition and parents have told me that they have been impressed by how quickly the team at Athena responds to requests.”

One of the biggest challenges that any agency can have has is finding reliable tutors in a broad range of different subjects so working together with other agencies is not only a great way to utilise a wider tutor pool but it also provides an excellent support structure so that agencies can discuss and debate ideas with each other so that both agencies can benefit.

A recent example of where Athena Tuition and The Law Tutors worked together is in relation to sourcing a law tutor for intellectual property law. The Law Tutors had a number of different intellectual property law tutors so worked with Athena Tuition to provide their client with a tutor.

Wesley Sanders, Education and Marketing Director at Athena Tuition, is a strong believer in working together:

“We’ve worked with The Law Tutors for a number of months now and we share the same ideas in a lot of different areas. We’ve referred work to each other’s agencies and this has meant a seamless and faster service for our respective clients. What matters to a parent or student is getting the right tutor at the right time, but for Athena and The Law Tutors there’s an opportunity to benefit from each others specialism to save time, and ultimately provide a better end service to our clients.”

Sharing ideas can be mutually beneficial and if one agency has experienced something, it is likely that other agencies have been through something similar. Whether it’s discussing best practice for recruitment or coming up with an innovative way to improve the delivery of lessons, it’s always good to talk!

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