Summer Tutor Trip to the Natural History Museum


Tutor Trip to the Natural History Museum


At Athena Tuition, we’ve always been passionate about education in all it’s forms and think it’s important that it’s not always done sitting down at a desk. Whilst lots of what we do is one-on-one tuition, we want to encourage our students to engage in new ways, and to take a break from their routines to do things a little differently. We previously published an article on this in The Guardian, all about inspiring learning in the great outdoors.

Last Friday, one of our wonderful tutors (Robert) led a small group of our students around the Natural History Museum. With his enthusiasm for his subjects and his engaging tour, the children all had a great day!

Robert says of his experience: “Last Friday I had the pleasure of taking a group to the Natural History Museum. After a walk through the gardens and a chat about the museum’s history, we headed inside to see the exhibitions and to discuss wildlife, biology, geography and more. It was a great chance for the children to have a break from homework and schoolwork, but still get out and learn a lot.”

We’re currently in the process of planning similar events for the Summer months. If there is anything in particular that you or your children would be interested in, please do get in touch with  via email or give us a call on 0208 133 6284, and we will be happy to try to arrange something!

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