Summer Tutor Trip: British Museum

Following from our successful trip to the Natural History Museum in June (which you can read about here), on Saturday 15th July one of our wonderful tutors (Isobel) led a small group of students on an educational, interactive, guided tour through some of the Museum’s rooms.

Isobel’s tour – which lasted just under three hours – was focused on the Museum’s Ancient Egypt rooms, galleries and items. With a varied activity schedule for the visit, Isobel was able to keep the students engaged and entertained as well as encouraging them to be “detectives” and take charge of their own aims for the visit. The students were able to: look at sculptures, look at paintings from the tomb for Nebamun, consider how to use objects to provide information about the past, observe and discuss clothing, think about Egyptian gods, go on an animal hunt, and even draw their own motifs and decorations for pots! To finish the exciting visit, Isobel designed a short quiz for the students which encouraged them to draw on everything they had discussed and learned during the trip.

At Athena Tuition, we are always keen to see students enjoying education away from desks and blackboards. Opportunities such as this guided tour and the activities that Isobel carefully designed can individualise the learning experience and make it far more memorable and exciting. With the summer weeks ahead of us, it is arguably the most important time to stay engaged and actively interested in learning and exploring in order to avoid the dreaded ‘summer learning loss’.

We’re currently in the process of planning similar events for the Summer months. If there is anything in particular that you or your children would be interested in, please do get in touch with  via email or give us a call on 0208 133 6284, and we will be happy to try to arrange something!

Summer Tutor Trip: British Museum

Summer Tutor Trip: British Museum 2

Summer Tutor Trip: British Museum 3

Summer Tutor Trip: British Museum 4

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