Introducing… Athena Minds

Introducing… Athena Minds

Hi everyone,

We are very proud to announce our new offering: Athena Minds.

Athena Minds is an education-related wellbeing support service.

We offer friendly mentors, counsellors and chartered psychologists, as well as educational therapists, to assist students with mental health management.

Examples of requests we accommodate include:

Exam Anxiety

COVID-19 Anxiety

Social Anxiety


Home Sickness

LGBTQ+ Support

A child’s education provides scenarios that can challenge their mental health. COVID-19 has further augmented this, by forcing seclusion and adding unpredictability to a child’s immediate future.

Excessive worry can have a very significant impact on a student’s ability to perform optimally in examinations, and so it is of the utmost importance that mental health management support is accessible to those who seek it.

In the tuition industry, mental health is a neglected area, compared to that of academic attainment. We believe that mental health support and academic tuition can work synergistically in maximising a child’s wellbeing AND achievement.

We are very excited about this initiative and hope it can make a positive difference to students’ contentment and performance.

For any enquiries about this service, please get in touch – either by phone call: 020 8133 6284, or by email:

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