5 employability boosters for the summer holidays

5 employability boosters for the summer holidays

The great British summer is finally here, and while everybody should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, this is also an excellent opportunity to add to your CV and increase your future employment prospects.

You may not be looking for a job until next summer or beyond, but time flies, and starting to prepare early can help ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Between beaches and barbeques, give serious consideration to these five activities while you enjoy a summer break.


Virtual Internships

It’s a staggering fact that almost three-quarters of graduates joining the top investment banks have been recruited via internships. Moreover, at least half those offered graduate jobs at leading law firms, finance companies, and oil and energy businesses had completing relevant work experience.

Businesses willing to offer in-person internships or work experience are rather thin on the ground at the moment. We live in the digital age, though, and internships – like so many other aspects of 21st Century life – are now virtual.

These virtual internships tend to be short and sharp, yet offer great insight into the activities which a full-time role constitutes and will make your CV more appealing.



LinkedIn research found that 80 percent of professionals consider networking to be important to career success!

Taking the opportunity to pick the brains of industry professionals will help you understand the current state of play in your chosen vocation.

Ask around your personal networks or use social media or professional networking sites like LinkedIn, to seeking out contacts who may be able to spare the time for a chat. Ask them about their careers – how they found their dream job, what made them successful, and how they have negotiated any obstacles in their path.



Do not fall into the trap of assuming that only industry-specific experience will impress an employer. Recruiters will always look favourably on an applicant that gives up their time to aid a charitable endeavour, and most non-profits are crying out for help right now.

Volunteer work is rewarding, offers the opportunity to make a real difference, and it will teach a range of transferrable skills that you can carry over to the workplace. For example, teamwork, time management, and communication are all honed by taking on a voluntary position.


Learn a New Skill

A CV can never boast too many additional skills. Use free online resources like Future Learn or edX to attend a huge variety of courses. Studying online can be done in your own time and will grant you skills that may come in helpful – both personally and professionally. Independent study will also show a potential employer that you take self-improvement seriously and seize any initiative.


Start a Blog

Did you know that Groupon and Huff Post started life as blogs?

Blogging is a significant element of any digital footprint. Many businesses use blogs for content marketing, so showing a flair for the written word boosts your chances of finding work. What’s more, blogging about a subject that interests you encourages research, which furthers knowledge.

A blog can also be a way to find new routes into a chosen industry. Gain enough traction, and professionals may approach you. Even if this is not the case, pointing people toward a blog is a great hook and conversation starter when you do make contact. Any employer will be impressed by independent thought and new ideas.


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