7+ (7 Plus)

7+ exams are competitive admissions assessments for private prep schools, sat in Year 2, for entry into Year 3 (the year your child will turn 8). 7+ examinations are very likely to be the first big academic hurdle that a child faces. They consist, usually, of examinations and interviews, the precise nature of which vary a little from school to school; this is where having a tutor with the appropriate expertise to know these specifics can help to ensure optimal preparation.


Schools with 7+ assessments:



City Junior School

Dulwich College, Junior School

Eltham College


James Allen’s Girls’ School

King’s College Junior School

Lady Eleanor Holles School

Latymer Prep

St Benedict’s School

St Margaret’s School, Hampstead

St Paul’s Juniors

UCS Hampstead

Westminster Cathedral Choir School

Westminster School

Wetherby Preparatory School


To note: sitting 7+ examinations does not preclude a child’s ability to sit 8+ examinations a year later, should they not be successful at 7+ admission


How it Works

There is no one tutor who is perfect for all students, thus we factor in both the experience of the tutor and also the nuance of their individual approach, cross-examining this with the information you (the client) provide to us in order to maximise the chances of a successful match. We ask our tutors to reach out to you as part of the screening process, so that you can have a chat with them, get a feel for their approach and ask any questions. We aim to put forward the tutor who we feel ticks the most boxes, but we can provide additional options if requested.


For 7+, due to the level, the most important tutor attributes are both their experience with teaching the age group and their experience/knowledge with respect to the admissions processes of the desired school destinations. Particularly with this age group, optimum outcomes are achieved when all hands are on deck. 100% reliance on 1 session per week is unlikely to yield excellent results as one needs to practice in between sessions, just like with learning a musical instrument. Ideally, lessons are there for teaching and then, in between, practice can reinforce to help assimilate the content and also provide the basis of material for the next lesson, with the areas of confusion being revealed by the practice. Therefore, for the best outcomes, parents/guardians will need to be invested in the process, too. Tutors can provide guidance to this end, in terms of resources, routine planning etc. The goal is for it to feel like a team effort.


The recommended session frequency / duration will vary based on the circumstances. As a general rule, the further in advance the tuition starts, the less intensive it needs to be. It is quite standard to start with 1-2 hrs per week, and when the tutor has a feel for the student’s current level, the target school and the timeframe, he/she can discuss what is most likely needed in order to achieve your goals, and hours per week can be adjusted to get onto the right course.


Due to the age of the students, in person tuition is usually the most suitable option, but this is not always desired, or even possible (e.g. if a client lives far from London) so in these cases we can provide high quality online tuition, too.



7+ English

7+ Mathematics

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