7+ and 8+

For many, the 7+ and 8+ examinations are the first big academic hurdles to be faced. These examinations can pave the way into a desirable prep school and can often determine which path your child will follow for their future. Interview techniques need to be polished and exam skills need to be honed.

Preparing for the 7+ and 8+ exams can therefore be a stressful experience for children. However, with Athena Tuition, they needn’t be!


Give Your Child the Best Chance

For Athena Tuition and all of our tutors, our priority is the student. Every student has to be given the best chance of success and to reach their full academic and individual potential.

How to protect your child from 11-plus stress

How it Works

Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds, each with an individualised approach to learning. Whether you would rather a tutor who has school-based teaching experience, a full-time tutor, or a young graduate, we will be able to accommodate your needs. We believe it is crucial that every child is matched up with a tutor who understands their style of learning. Our tutors also make entrance examination preparation an enjoyable and empowering experience.


When you contact us at Athena Tuition to discuss your child’s entrance examinations, the first thing we do is ensure that we have all of the information necessary to start looking for your perfect tutor. We discuss with you: where, and when you would like to start, which days and times work, when the examinations are and to what schools you are applying. Any particular strengths or weaknesses that your child has, and a little about their personality and interests outside of school is also useful. When we have all of this information, we begin speaking to our tutors until we have someone who we feel would be the perfect match and ask them to get in touch with you directly to introduce themselves and arrange for a first session.


We provide our highly experienced private tutors throughout Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Hampstead, and all across London. We also have tutors based in surrounding areas who may be able to travel to you, and in addition our tutors also deliver sessions online. So, wherever you are, we have a tutor available to help your child!


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Get in Touch!

Athena Tuition selects all entrance exam tutors carefully. We aim to ensure that we choose the ideal tutor for your child’s specific learning needs. We ensure that our 7+ and 8+ tutors are the best in the field. Contact us today to discuss your perfect entrance exam tutor!