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One of Athena Tuition’s many strengths is our ability to provide students with a wide variety of tutors who can help with programming and computer science. Our tutors can help you either in person or online, providing personalised tuition in specific programming languages, whether that’s Javascript, C#, Python or Swift or something more unusual like Prolog, Lisp or Matlab for Engineering.


Why Computer Science?


With the increase in demand for computing graduates, and with the incorporation of the new qualification, these subjects have never been so popular. Computing and software engineering require high levels of technological competency, creativity, a knack for great instinct and excellent communication skills. Our tutors can help students with ensuring they understand the academic aspects of the qualification and helping them score those precious exam marks, but they can also help with giving insights into the working world of computer science and software, giving a taste for potential career opportunities. Our gifted computer science and computing tutors can help with GCSE, IGCSE, Level or IB Computing, Computer science, software engineering or ICT.


This challenging but exceptionally rewarding new qualification is a frequently requested subject for our tutoring agency. Athena Tuition can provide you with tutors for any computing related needs.


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Computer Science and Programming Tutors

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