Drama Tutors

At Athena we work hard to match students with the best drama tutors for their individual needs. Need to know your monologues from your soliloquies? Your Shakespeare from your Miller?  We have experienced, enthusiastic and skilled drama tutors who really work closely with their students to enable them to explore their talents and identify their true potential at their own pace. Studying drama means that you are also learning the ways to communicate, analysing plays, understanding social history and becoming more aware. We can also guide students and provide them full assistance to write their own scripts, and advise them on how best to get their foot through the stage door as well as offer full assistance to the students in directing performance rehearsals and teach them the effective ways to assemble and mange sets.


Our exceptional drama tutors perform the following responsibilities:


  • They teach students to understand the a wide variety of plays and modes of theatre
  • Enable them to understand all the genres of drama and theater
  • Assist them and guide them to produce short plays or dramas
  • Encourage them to create, cast and direct longer plays
  • Teach them the techniques to arrange stage production within budget and define time frame