English Tuition in London.

Athena Tuition provides English tutors across London to students of all ages and abilities. The study of the English Language is crucial to the development of a wide range of skills that will benefit students throughout their lives whether it be in terms of their employability, their ability to connect to others, or their further studies.


Studying English Language involves understanding the rules of grammar, punctuation and the structure of writing. Additionally, students will be encouraged to understand how to write according to different genres, how to target audiences, how writing can be persuasive, powerful, informative and creative. Our English tutors at Athena Tuition specialise in encouraging a deeper enjoyment of this subject and looking beyond the ‘rules’ to discover the joy of utilising all that the English Language has to offer.


The study of English Literature does not simply concern reading texts; students will improve their analytical skills, their communication, and will improve their understanding of – and ability to confidently discuss – history, culture, philosophy and society. Our passionate, highly experienced tutors work closely with students, offering bespoke English tuition to ensure that they are getting all that they can from English Literature.


Whether you are studying Shakespeare at GCSE, literary theories at University, or Dickens at A level, our tutors will be able to guide you and provide expert assistance that specifically targets the areas that each student is struggling with.


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