Home Schooling

Home Schooling

At Athena Tuition, we are sensitive to the myriad of circumstances that can surround the need for home schooling, and aware that each client’s situation is unique.


Both the number of tutors on our book, and the breadth of their specialism means we can match either one tutor, or a package of tutors with our home schooling client, taking into account their academic needs and personality.


Our expert tutors can teach to the syllabus specification, whilst also providing extension knowledge, where appropriate, in order to aid understanding. We interview each of our tutors one-on-one, and so are confident in their abilities to give engaging and enjoyable lessons.

If desired, our home schooling tutors can complement the academic progress of the client with occasional social activities, working towards the holistic development and education of the client.


Whether it be for one month, during the build-up to an important examination, or for multiple academic years, Athena Tuition can provide a first-class, bespoke home schooling service tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the client.


Just call 0208 133 6284 or contact us at enquiries@athenatuition.co.uk to discuss how we can help.



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