In-School Tutoring

In-School Tutoring

School Tutoring across London


Athena Tuition has gained significant school-support experience over the years. We can provide tutors across the UK to schools that need a fast and high standard solution when unexpected problems arise, or new requests for subject teaching appears which your existing teachers can’t help.


Our tutors are experienced and familiar with the relevant boards latest syllabus to help your students to attain the best possible results.


Many families relocate to London for work. This brings opportunities and challenges for some schools and might involve language barriers for their new international students. Other new students may already be well adjusted but face trouble staying on top of their schoolwork. Athena Tuition can provide tutors to prepare international students for school entrance examinations, can offer tuition in languages other than English and can provide ongoing support through the school year for foreign students by providing private tutors to come to the school.


Providing tutors to get your school’s students abilities up to scratch or maintain a normal routine in case a teacher is unexpectedly absent is a core service of Athena Tuition.


We can provide a meeting between school and tutor before agreeing to organise a smooth experience. Just call 0208 133 6284 or email us from the contact form below to discuss how we can help your school.