Latymer Upper School

Latymer Upper School



Name: Thanu

Secondary school: Latymer Upper School for 7 years

University destination: Medicine at King’s College London


  1. What is your first memory starting your school?

My first memory was of a fun day that the school had planned in order to socialise with the pupils in the year. It entailed an obstacle course and was extremely enjoyable!


  1. What is your best memory from your school?

My best memories often came from something which the school ran called ‘activities week’. This was essentially where you went on a school trip at the end of the year, either abroad or in England, and you’d be allowed to take part in numerous different activities. This ranged from bouldering to archery to even surfing.


  1. What is one thing you would like to change about your school?

The one thing I would like to change is perhaps the hours at school and maybe make them shorter. The reason for this is because I lived quite far from school so the times which I woke up and got back home would leave me little time to enjoy myself in the evening.


  1. Any fancy traditions?

As far as I can remember, there weren’t any trademark traditions except for the usual Christmas quizzes and films.


  1. How was the academic support?

The academic support was exceptional, as there were always avenues which were easily accessible in order to gain help from teachers and even pupils in older years.


  1. Is your school a religious school?

It was not particularly a religious school.


  1. What was your favourite co-curricular achievement while at your school?

My favourite achievement is between the several games won in the football team I was playing for, and my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award; I thoroughly enjoyed both the volunteering and the expedition.


  1. How much emphasis is placed on Oxbridge as a university destination?

The school provided a lot of support to apply for Oxbridge and this is reflected through its academic support.


  1. Do you keep in touch with the school, now you have left?

I do keep in touch with my school; they provide opportunities for me to get in contact with individuals in my field and they continue to act as a ‘supporting beam’ for my endeavours.


  1. Did you ever have a detention at your school?

I did have one detention in year 7 for not handing my homework in on time. Not too sure if I regret it because it clearly stopped me from getting any more afterwards!


  1. What are the pastoral support options?

There is a lot of pastoral support in the school and there is also a chapel for where any person of any religion can go to pray.