A challenging course at all institutions, Medicine combines an intense academic grounding in Biomedical Sciences with hands-on clinical experience and with the development of a suitable emotional maturity, in order to treat diverse patients in a caring way. Some courses also include an emphasis on Biomedical research.


Consequently, Medicine is a very varied, dynamic and potentially rewarding undergraduate course, with a demanding workload.


The ideal applicant is of a stable temperament, industrious and with a strong academic track-record, yet also able to demonstrate people-skills and a desire to help others, often via work experience and volunteering in the community.


Due to the more specific demands of the course and the competition for places, Medicine degree admissions procedures are more rigorous than those of most undergraduate courses. As well as challenging academic requirements, Medical admissions involve admissions tests, such as the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), and interviews. In the USA, the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required.

At least 3 STEM A-Level (or equivalent) subjects are most desirable for a medical application, and typical conditional offers range from AAA to A*A*A* at A-Level (or equivalent), depending on the institution.


At Athena Tuition, we are aware of the fact that many of the admissions criteria aren’t taught in detail at school; it’s not just about being very strong at Science.


We consider each client’s needs, individually, and can match a client with a tutor who studied Medicine at the client’s desired university, making the tutoring experience as relevant as possible for the client; each university’s course has its own idiosyncrasies. Additionally, we have expert Science who can aid in peaking the academic attainment of the applicant in relevant areas, if required.

Our tutors help by streamlining the applicant’s preparation, enabling them to work more efficiently, growing strength in the areas that really matter. We can also help the client become more confident, as we mentor and practice each stage of the process, ensuring they feel as prepared as can be.


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