Music Tutors in London

Athena Tuition operates all over London to find music tutors for students. Whether you need help practising your performance skills, reaching a new grade in your instrument, academic music qualifications (e.g. GCSE or A level), writing or reading music or studying music history, we will be able to provide the perfect tutor for you. Our exceptional tutors offer their services to all ages, abilities and levels – classical, or modern, jazz, or pop.


Our tutors come from a range of different backgrounds depending on who you would most like to work with. For example, we have graduates who specialise in history and theory, professional musicians who spend their time outside tutoring performing to a wide range of audiences, producers, musicians who write for a variety of modes (radio jingles, for stage and screen) or we have teachers who work closely with schools and with the curriculum content.  We understand that each student learns differently, and that no two students are looking for the same thing – particularly with a topic as subjective as music!


How a tutor can help you:


  • Our tutors can offer their services in the comfort of your home, or in their own surrounded by professional equipment
  • Lessons can be entirely flexible
  • Parents receive reports from every lesson so that they can monitor progress, if this is something they wish to do
  • Our tutors design tailored lessons designed around the personal tastes, skills and abilities of the student
  • We can provide lesson in many instruments (piano, guitar, bass, violin, viola, harp, singing, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and many more)
  • We have tutors that are experts of different genres. They can play different styles and are also capable to teach you music in variant ways. Our tutors are specialists of all genres of music so we ensure that you get the services of one who is perfect for you.


Just call 0208 133 6284 or email us from the contact form below to discuss how we can help.