Our Tutors

As a tutoring agency, the core of what Athena does is find and work with the best tutors possible across the Greater London area and beyond. Our success is dependent on us doing this above all else.


Smart, Passionate and Experienced

Our tutors know what it takes to succeed. However, that alone is not good enough. Each of our tutors also knows instinctively how to channel their knowledge appropriately for their student’s tuition- making the learning process fun, engaging and ultimately successful.


To maintain this edge, Athena Tuition provides further support to all of our tutors throughout their time with us, ensuring they keep up to date with the latest developments in their subject areas and exam syllabus changes in the common entrance examinations, the 11+ and 13+.

Our selection process

Tutors are naturally the heart of our company. A good tutor can be a life changing experience for a student, changing their view or attitude toward a subject or even the whole trajectory of their learning. Naturally therefore, we only accept the best people with the right attitude, focusing on providing tutors with experience to families who need it.


We also take careful consideration of the personality of each tutor to ensure that we make the best match possible for each individual student.

A few of our tutors

Below are listed a handful of our tutors with significant amounts of prior tutoring experience and whose services are a good example of the level of high level tutoring quality students would receive through Athena Tuition.

Ameet pic

Ameet (Specialist in 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ and STEP)

  • Graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc and MRes in Physics.
  • Full-Time Professional Tutor

Full-time educator, founder of mypretest and myexampapers.

5000+ hours of academic and pastoral mentorship, specialising in 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ and STEP Mathematics examinations.

Ameet has been instrumental in helping students gain admission to the most competitive schools in the UK and internationally.

Pic of me chu crop for at

Toby (Specialist in Biology and Chemistry)

  • Graduated from Churchill College, Cambridge with a BA in Natural Sciences.
  • Attended Tonbridge School; A*A*A*A*A* at A-Level.


There is great modesty to Biology.

We take for granted the number of perfectly regulated chemical reactions, complex structured proteins and appropriately-integrated neuronal impulses,

all of which need to interact harmoniously in order for us perform even the simplest of functions, such as ‘looking left’.

The depth of biological complexity is as vast as it is awe-inspiring. Two billion years of evolution has led to elegant, convoluted and bizarre strategies arising.

Conveying these to students, and trying to ignite this flicker of awe, I find very rewarding.

Joan Iyiola private tutor for Athena Tuition

Joan (Specialist in English, Law, Psychology and essay assistance)

  • Graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in Law
  • Professional Actress, experience from the Royal Shakespeare company, Young Vic and the BBC


“Not everybody has an easy time with education. Or even enjoys it. As a tutor I believe that it is both crucial and possible to find an accessible way to achieve high results within our education system. Every student has an individual approach (or perhaps may not even know what theirs is yet!), and as a tutor my aim is to enhance their learning style and developing the skills that they already obtain.”

Omari private tutor for Athena Tuition

Omari (Specialist in English, Spanish and Common Entrance exams)

  • Graduated from Oxford in English and Spanish
  • Prepared students at 11+ for Westminster, St Paul’s Girls, KCS, Latymer, Emanuel and Harrodian, and at 13+ boys have won places at Eton, Harrow, Tonbridge and Radley


“As a tutor, I never forget to treat my students as individuals: in my lessons their unique talents will be just as important as their specific needs in helping them fulfil their potential and succeed. I’m lively, enthusiastic, highly organised and have over 6 years of tutoring and mentoring experience behind me.”

Heather private tutor for Athena Tuition

Heather (Specialist in Biology, Chemistry and Special Education Needs teaching)

  • Newnham college Cambridge graduate in biochemistry
  • Public speaker at British Medical Association


“Success is born from determination and the right tools, namely education. Growing up in a deprived area with two disabled parents taught me how education can transform a future. As a tutor, I believe that learning is a gift. Working with students as individuals, allows them to unlock this gift and reach their potential while keeping a smile on their faces.”