Oxbridge Applications

The flagships of British university education, Cambridge and Oxford consistently rank amongst the top universities in the world.


Correspondingly, there is exceptional competition for undergraduate places, as the universities draw on a truly international applicant pool.

Cambridge and Oxford, therefore, have a distinct and detailed admission process, in order to ensure that they accept the best of the best.


The Oxbridge application process has additional firewalls which must be surpassed, relative to other universities. These include the Cambridge Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), sample essays, admissions assessments and multiple interviews (usually in December, but sometimes in January and over the Summer, for Cambridge).

Each of these factors, along with past and predicted exam grades (and UMS percentages, in the case of Cambridge) form the portfolio of data from which these prestigious institutions select their intake.


At Athena Tuition, we have specialist tutors who can help with every element of this process, aiding in crafting a client’s application like a potter at the potters’ wheel. For this role, we select tutors who are alumni of the desired course, so they can impart their knowledge with the client, as well as providing insight into the reputation and feel of different colleges.


Our service includes a long-term strategy / roadmap, reading recommendations, extension lessons, assessment preparation, personal statement feedback and interview practice. We coach applicants to be comfortable on the boundary between ‘knowing’ and ‘not-knowing’ the precise answer; sometimes interviewers will ask questions where there is no ‘one correct answer’.


After the interview, if an applicant is successful, they will likely receive a conditional offer ranging from AAA to A*A*A*A* (or equivalent), perhaps including other special requirements, such as specified grades in STEP examinations for the Mathematics Tripos at Cambridge. Athena’s top tutors can provide support throughout the rest of the academic year in order to maximise the offer holder’s chance of meeting these requirements. This involves rigorous, syllabus-specific sessions with a significant emphasis on exam technique.


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