Physics Tuition

Why Study Physics?


Physicists study the universe at the smallest and largest scales, asking questions about how and why things are the way they are and how they work from the tiniest particles to the largest objects in the university.
They say Biology is applied chemistry and chemistry is applied Physics, but there’s many an argument to say that this Science is the most fundamental topic of study of them all.


Our tutors at Athena Tuition are passionate about their subject, and about encouraging tutees to engage with our world’s biggest and most fundamental questions. Students can expect to improve their analytical skills, problem solving and research abilities and is incredibly important if pursuing a STEM career. These days Science graduates find employment across many other fields too- with quantitative high finance being particularly keen to employ Physicists to enable them to describe things in mathematical ways.


Get in touch with us if you need assistance with Physics at all; we have tutors available who excel at all levels and in all exam boards.