Science Tuition

Athena Tuition provides Science tuition for students of all ages and abilities. Studying Science allows students of all levels to appreciate and understand theoretical and practical Science, and the skills that are needed to succeed in this subject. Science is the study of the physical and natural world, and students are encouraged to question, observe and experiment at all levels. At Athena Tuition, we have tutors with various specialisms within Science and we are able to match each student with the perfect tutor for their needs to get the most out of the subject.


Many students find science difficult, but the subject itself is of such importance in academic terms and more importantly in the real world, it pays great dividends to do well at Science. Our Tutors can break topics down and go through all major exam boards to help you or your child get the best grades at whatever level you choose.
Whether it’s general science at GCSE level or even natural sciences at Cambridge, Athena Tuition has a tutor who can help.