Science Tuition

Science is the discipline of choice for people with a proclivity for wondering ‘How does that work?’


It is the enterprise whereby mankind attempts to make models of nature, by forming testable hypotheses and then verifying or disproving these, using experimentation. Science is, therefore, always a work in progress and so is deeply humbling, in this respect.

At Athena Tuition, we endeavour to maintain this perspective of ‘the bigger picture’ of science throughout tuition sessions, and to nurture minds to exhibit a healthy scepticism and natural curiosity.


Our quirky and enthusiastic Science tutors genuinely enjoy their subject, which enables them to provide engaging lessons, balancing syllabus material with extension content, where appropriate.


We have a wealth of tutors that can cater for:


Moreover, we have tutors with expertise in university admission procedures, including interviews and personal statement advice.


The Sciences are a unique subject at school, in that theoretical knowledge is complemented with appropriate practical finesse. Our tutors are adept at handling both of these components, ensuring neither get neglected and Science tutees develop rounded skillsets.


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