Spanish Tutors

Spanish Tutoring across London


Athena Tuition’s Spanish tutors are an excellent way to improve grades, boost conversational ability or as an introduction to Hispanic culture and linguistics. One to one home tuition enables you to learn faster and more effectively than ever before.


With Athena’s tutors, learning Spanish can be a fun and pleasant experience. Our tutors fresh and up to date lesson methodologies will keep students motivated and entertained with a variety of activities designed to improve learning. We at Athena tuition offer tutoring for improving your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, linguistics or informal conversation practice. In fact, we can cater to and satisfy all your language-learning needs through our extensive tutor network.


Spanish for Academic Purposes


Our tutors can provide intensive course revision, additional exercises, or plan classes for students studying at school or college. Many of our tutors are also teachers in existing institutions.


You can opt for any topic that interests you, or any area that you find difficult in the course of your preparation for exams.


Improving your Conversation


On holiday or during the course of travelling you may have to deal with speakers of Spanish as their sole language. Our tutors can help you here, enhancing your ability to deal with speakers in out-of-classroom situations. Our tutors are flexible and we will be available to find some according to your time schedule.


Athena Tuition’s tutors can enable you to learn and feel confident. Our tutors are also available to improve your regional vocabulary and expressions, from the Philippines to South America.


Our tutors are professional and very easy to work with, dedicated to improving your understanding of the language, ability to converse or get the best grades you could hope for.