The King’s College, Chester

The King’s College, Chester



Name: Aaron

Secondary school: The King’s School Chester (2007-2015)

University destination: Imperial College London BSc Physics

         University College London MSc Physics


  1. What is your first memory starting your school?

Meeting my school friends for the first time.


  1. What is your best memory from your school?

Being a part of the accelerated maths class with my two close friends.


  1. What is one thing you would like to change about your school?

I would like to address the balance of sexes (there were a lot more boys than girls).


  1. Any fancy traditions?

The school’s boat club was probably its fanciest tradition: we would compete at Henley Royal Regatta each year.


  1. How was the academic support?

Extremely good: many of the teacher were on exam boards so they were great resources of information.


  1. Is your school a religious school?

Nominally protestant, though it is not enforced.


  1. What was your favourite co-curricular achievement while at your school?

Being a member of the boat club.


  1. How much emphasis is placed on Oxbridge as a university destination?

Not a huge amount, probably because only around 10 students would be expected to enter Oxbridge each year.


  1. Do you keep in touch with the school, now you have left?



  1. Did you ever have a detention at your school?



  1. What are the pastoral support options?

Limited: you could talk to you form tutor if you wished, though I don’t think many people took up this option.


  1. Bonus: If you had to summarise your school in 3 words, what would they be?

Quality, Independent (both as in it’s a independent school, and how they treat students), and Historic.