Downe House

Downe House



Name: Olivia

Secondary school: Downe House, 7 years

University destination: University of Warwick, Film Studies & English Literature


  1. What is your first memory starting your school?

I suppose being dropped off at my boarding house (most likely in tears – I was incredibly homesick at first) was the first thing that happened, but in terms of the first day of school I remember being in an induction day for the whole thing doing all sorts of trust exercises.


  1. What is your best memory from your school?

We did a 6th form production of Mamma Mia that was a total car crash but that’s what made it so brilliant.


  1. What is one thing you would like to change about your school?

I would have liked to have left with more awareness of the world around me; the school is a bit of a bubble which is lovely in some ways but after 7 years there it felt quite suffocating.


  1. Any fancy traditions?

Not really to be honest, just silly ones among the students I’d say.


  1. How was the academic support?

It’s a very small school so I always found the academic support was there for anyone who needed it. I’m dyslexic and the school was great in organising the tests I needed to get extra time in exams.


  1. Is your school a religious school?

A little bit. There is chapel on a Sunday if you’re in school. Other than that, you have it on a Tuesday or Thursday morning for about 20 minutes. The Chaplain was very much a part of the school though.


  1. What was your favourite co-curricular achievement while at your school?

Drama. We had a great drama department and really lovely theatre with studios.


  1. How much emphasis is placed on Oxbridge as a university destination?

There were always talks on Oxbridge applications that were available to anyone who wanted to apply once we were in 6th form.


  1. Do you keep in touch with the school, now you have left?



  1. Did you ever have a detention at your school?

More times than I care to admit, or that my parents will ever know.


  1. What are the pastoral support options?

I’m sure there are more options now than there were when I was there, but generally you were expected to go to your boarding House Mistress/ Master and you had tutors too that you often had a closer relationship with, especially in 6th form.


  1. Bonus: If your school were represented as a song, what song would it be and why?

A Christmas song maybe – mostly because our school uniform made us look like Christmas trees!