International Services

International Services

We offer international services as we know that the British education system is unique and can appear complicated. Our team at Athena advises and assists overseas students trying to integrate into the British education system.


Athena has a thorough understanding of the British education system, especially British independent schools. We have excellent connections with top private and boarding schools, and provide tailored advice for parents seeking an ideal school for their child, or children.


Our experience in the education system means we are able to provide the best advice for school choice, taking into account schools’ qualities including academic attainment across a range of subjects, sporting prowess, musical facilities, competition for places, fee levels, and other extra-curricular needs.


Ongoing support


We prepare international students for school entrance examinations, and offer tuition in languages other than English. Once placed at a school, we also provide extra lessons (for instance, in English as a Foreign Language), helping our students to achieve in lessons, to communicate with friends, and to enjoy the rich extra-curricular opportunities available to them.


We also have extensive connections with host families and guardians for students coming to the UK unaccompanied. Our students come from countries across the world, including China and Hong Kong, continental Europe, the United States.



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