Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

As a tuition agency dedicated to serve the whole Greater London and Hampstead regions, Athena Tuition’s philosophy and mission is to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the personalised learning experience of a tutor. Our society still runs its education system in the Victorian mould of 30 children to one teacher and one learning plan in a classroom.


The only problem is that not one of the children in a class has the learning experience tailored directly to their needs, and all of them have to accept a “one size fits all” approach.


Tutors allow us to improve on this model by providing students with that personalised time, focusing on the aspects of a subject that they find particularly difficult or challenging, complementing the formal education they have to go through.


However, education has always been about more than just passing exams – it’s about establishing a framework for learning that will last a lifetime.


Naturally, every student – whether at university level or at secondary school, in English, Maths or Science – has their own individual way of learning. Nevertheless, the examinations they have to pass are the same.


We therefore ensure that we match each student with a tutor suited to your exact specifications to get the most out of each tuition session. We look carefully at a student’s interests and hobbies, and provide a tutor that we think is the best match to get them through the exams they face with maximum success, and to prepare them for life to come.